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May 31st, 2014

I received the most fantastic news last week when the Mrs2B final shortlist of ceremony singers was announced and I am in the final 9 Nationally.  I am so excited and so thankful to every couples who sent in reviews for me.  This competition is great because it is not based on votes but solely on brides recommendations so it means alot to me.

Wedding season is now well and truly up and running - congrats to everyone who got married over the past number of months and best wishes to all those about to celebrate their own weddings.

As promised I have updated my YouTube Channel with lots of new music and songs and I have also updated my Business Page On Facebook where I will be posting new material in due course.  New songs and Music listings are also available on my website.

I still have some availability for 2014 and bookings are now coming in for 2015 / 2016 and have booking now taken for 2017.

I generally meet or liaise with couples regarding their ceremony music and songs approx. 4-5 months in advance of ceremony.  I go through the entire ceremony with each couple and assist and guide them in choosing the appropriate music and songs.  We can meet in person or if you are living overseas we can liaise via emails or facebook or alternatively Skype.

I have received so much positive feedback regarding the following ceremony sample layout on where you need to put music etc.  glad it is of help to you all !!

Just to let you all know what you need to be choosing ;

Entrance (Generally one piece of music or song ) - Something slow and gentle suits better - harp instrumental can sound lovely at this point.

Lighting of Individual candles:  Short piece of music either on harp or flute.

Psalm: generally sung but can also be read

Lighting of Unity Candle:  Music or song (Harp instrumentals are very popular at this point)

Offertry :  Instrumental either on Harp / Piano or flute or I can sing a hymn if desired.

Comm:  Two Hymns  or One Hymn and an  one instrumental (Harp , Piano or flute)

Reflection (optional) very often read by family member or friend, or song or music. - Harp music can be played in the background during the reading.

Signing of Register:  Two songs  or instrumentals

Recessional:        Usually song or instrumental ( upbeat and happy) 

This is an example of music and songs I performed at last weekends wedding ceremony:

Entrance    Canon In D on Harp for bridesmaids and "Sally Garden" harp instrumental for bride.

Lighting of Individual candles:  How Long Will I Love Your  - Harp Instrumental

Psalm:   Here I am Lord (sung with Piano Accomp)

Unity Candle:    Fields Of Gold played on flute.

Offertry:  Ave Maria - sung with harp 

Offering of Peace:   Flute Instrumental - Fields of Gold

Comm:      Mo Ghra Thu with harp and Somewhere Over The Rainbow sung with harp

Signing of Reg. - All Of Me (John Ledgend) and How Long Will I love you _ both sung with piano acc.

Recessional:  King of the Fairies On Harp. / Lord of the Dance on Harp.

As always it is so important to remember to check all music with your priest / registrar.

Happy planning everyone and if you need help - just call me or alternatively you can email me  !!!






0 #1 Tim Norton 2012-04-19 06:37
Hi Brenda, delighted to see that you have a blog going. Keep up the good work!
Tim (Midwest Radio)

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