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Entrance Songs / Hymns

In addition to your chosen entrance song/music, Brenda will also play music while guests are arriving for the wedding ceremony.




  • Traditional Bridal March (Harp or Piano)
  • South Wind – (Instrumental – (Harp or Piano)
  • The Water is WIde (Harp)
  • The Kiss – From Last of the Mohican’s - Piano
  • Inisheer (Traditional) – Harp or Piano
  • Eleanor Plunkett – Harp or Piano
  • Red is the Rose – Harp or Piano
  • Sally Gardens – Harp or Piano
  • River Flows in You – Harp or Piano
  • Feather Theme - Piano
  • You Look Beautiful In White (Shane Filan)
  • I never Saw Blue Like That  Before
  • May it Be - Enya
  • This Ring (T. Carter)
  • My Heart Belongs To You - Hayley Westenra
  • This is the Day - (Scott Wesley Brown)
  • One (Matthew Baute)
  • You By My Side (Ave Maria) – The Wedding
  • There Is Love
  • You Raise Me Up
  • You Are Mine
  • There is Love
  • Annie’s Song
  • The Voyage
  • I'll Walk Beside You
  • Forever and for Always
  • Forever Friend
  • The Rose (Bette Middler)
  • Roisin Dubh (Music)
  • Morning Has Broken
  • Canon (Piano or Harp)
  • Gabriel's Oboe - harp instrumental
  • Isle of Hope (Harp)
  • Bright Blue Rose (Harp)
  • An Coulin - Harp
  • Tabhair dom do lamh
  • Traditional Air (Harp or Piano)


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