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Recessional Hymns / Songs:

One or two pieces of music to be chosen here : ( I recommend upbeat music or songs for recessional)


From This Moment

Our Wedding Day

Time of Our Life (Greenday)

James Blunt - Bonfire Heart

Riptide Movement - It All Works Out

One Republic - I Lived

You and Me (Lighthouse People)

How Long Will I Love You (Waterboys Version)

Learn Me Right

The Kiss (Last of the Mohicans)

If I should fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen)

Forever and For Always

River Flows In You (Yiruma) - Sung or Instrumental

Wonderful World

Now we are Free - (Theme Song From Gladiator)

Prelude To “Te Deum” (Charpentier)

Oh Happy Day

This Little Light Of Mine

Lord Of The Dance

You’ve Got A Friend

Stand By Me

Perfect Day

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Lord Of The Dance

Si Bheag, Si Mhor (Music)

The Marino Waltz (Piano or Harp)

The Rattlin Bog (harp or piano)

 You Raise Me Up

Mo Ghile Mere or Son - INSTRUMENTAL

  Bright Blue Rose

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Monday, March 30, 2015
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