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Recessional Hymns / Songs:


From This Moment

Time of Our Life (Greenday)

You and Me (Lighthouse People)

How Long Will I Love You (Waterboys Version)

Learn Me Right

The Kiss (Last of the Mohicans)

If I should fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen)

Forever and For Always

River Flows In You (Yiruma) - Sung or Instrumental

Wonderful World

Now we are Free - (Theme Song From Gladiator)

Prelude To “Te Deum” (Charpentier)

Oh Happy Day

This Little Light Of Mine

Lord Of The Dance

You’ve Got A Friend

Stand By Me

Perfect Day

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Lord Of The Dance

Si Bheag, Si Mhor (Music)

 You Raise Me Up

Mo Ghile Mere or Son - INSTRUMENTAL

  Bright Blue Rose

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